Who are the Most Popular Fashion Designers in the World?

Not just Charles Worth there are more popular fashion designers that you don’t know yet. And maybe the clothes or accessories that you are wearing were designed by them. With their talents, they have made achievements that they really want. They all worked hard to achieve their goals in life and make good progress in making their designs more and beautiful.

4 World Class Fashion Designer

1. Coco Channel- She is one of the most popular female designers that ever lived. And until now people are using it. She has made unforgettable trademarks of original designs of bags, dress, suits, and many more! She was famous for her timeless designs, she owns thousands of shops all over the world. But still, some designers are clowning Channel’s designs. But still, if you want to have the original one look for help and know if its fake or not.

2. Georgio Armani – the famous Italian fashion designer that was known by its uniqueness, elegance and fashionista style. His companies have expanded all over the world, and all of them are originally designed by him. He also has restaurants, hotels, cafes, perfumes worldwide!

3. Calvin Klein – The youngest fashion designer that have made millions of earnings even though he is just starting. He had made famous clothing all oSver the world from shirts to undergarments that we use. His sketch is one of a kind all of them are original, unique, and can keep up to the trends up to the present.

4. Donatella Versace – She was a powerful woman that can keep up with all the designers in the world. That is why she was called the renowned fashion designer, She owns the million dollar company that was named before her “The Versace Empire!

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